Foxy Hairclip

If you are anything like me and leave things to the last minute then this hair clip is for you! New Year’s Eve ready in 20minutes or less!

Dig around in your stash and I’m sure you’ll have enough to make a hair piece so you’ll be ready to party in no time!

by Marni Franks


An assortment of ribbons or lace

Sparkly flowers

Chiffon flowers




Hot Glue Gun and spare gluesticks

Hair clip base/headband




For this hair clip I am using the large black ribbon with white spots, one black chiffon flower and one orange with sparkles flower.

Take the wide ribbon and straighten one end with scissors. Then carefully melt the end with the lighter to seal in the loose threads.

NOTE: Natural fibres like cotton and silk will not melt. Your acrylic and synthetic ribbons will. You might need to test your ribbons first.


Then carefully start to loop the ribbon, starting with a big loop.


Use the hair clip to find the best position for the loops to sit.


Keep making loops, making them a little smaller each time. Three loops in total.



Remove the clip base and start to carefully glue the loops together.


Turn the looped section over and find the position for the hair clip base again.


Run a line of glue inside the ribbon and secure the hair clip base to the ribbon, so that the top part of the clip sits as shown in the below photo and doesn’t get glued down.


Turn the hair clip over.


Trim up the chiffon flower – many come with a net backing.


Place a small amount of glue in the centre of the back of the flower.


Place the flower so that it covers the remaining part of the hair clip base but does;t sit directly on it.



Flatten the chiffon flower petals out.


Place a small amount of glue on the back of your small orange flower with sparkles.


Glue the orange flower in the centre of the flattened black flower.



Turn the hair clip over and fold up the end of the black spotty ribbon, trim it as shown in the middle of the hair clip.


Melt the end of the cut ribbon and run a line of glue along the end.


Fold the ribbon across the back of the hair clip and glue down (avoid the base).


Gently ease the hair clip base out from under the ribbon.


Glue down any spots of the ribbon that seem a bit puffy or loose.


Take a small length of contrasting ribbon – orange or white.

Cut the ends at an angle and melt with the lighter.


Make a small bow and glue to the middle of the hair clip, just under the centre of the flowers.


Clip in your hair and you are ready!



from the 55FF team!

Mel, Dawn and myself would like to thank you for joining us this year. We hope you’ve had fun and made lots of exciting goodies. We are taking January off and will be back here in February with a different approach to the foxy goodness that we’ve shared so far.


Flossy’s Lava Lamp Champers

by Mel Alce

Add a sugary touch to your next drink of champers – and watch the chemical reaction!


Fairy Floss


Food colour – optional

  2014-09-18 14.29.22


Place fairy floss into your drinking vessel of choice (glass, flute, bucket).

2014-09-18 14.33.40

Squeeze a few drops of your food colour of choice.

Pour champagne into the glass, slowly as the fairy floss will make it fizz more than normal.

2014-09-18 14.33.53 2014-09-18 14.34.06 2014-09-18 14.34.17 2014-09-18 14.34.28 2014-09-18 14.35.51 2014-09-18 14.35.56


2014-09-18 14.38.13 2014-09-18 14.39.22

The Fizzy Fox

By Mel Alce


6 heaped tblsp icing mixture
¾ tsp bi-carb soda
85g pack of orange jelly crystals
½ tsp citric acid
½ tsp tartaric acid
1 shot Bacardi per cocktail (or your personal favourite clear spirit)

Fizzy Fox 1 ingredients


Place the Fanta in the fridge, or put it in a jug on ice.


Mix citric acid, tartaric acid & icing mixture until well combined.
Add jelly crystals and mix well.
Place the sherbet mix onto a plate (make sure the plate is bigger than rim of your cocktail glass).

Fizzy Fox 2 Sherbet

Put some cold water into a bowl (slightly bigger than the rim of your glass).
Dip the glass into the water and let the excess drip back into the bowl.

Fizzy Fox 3 water dip

Dip the wet rim of the cocktail glass into the sherbet.
Repeat the dipping process for all glasses.

Fizzy Fox 4 sherbet dip

Wipe any dripping water that may have escaped the ring of sherbet, with a clean cloth.
Pour one shot of Bacardi (or other spirit) into the glass.

Fizzy Fox 5 sherbet ring

Top up the glass with Fanta.

Fizzy Fox 6 enjoy

Sip & enjoy!

OPTION 1: For a virgin Fizzy Fox, you can just have straight Fanta, or mix it up with some lemonade or lemon squash.
OPTION 2: Red Fizzy Fox – replace Fanta with Creaming Soda, and orange jelly crystals with raspberry or strawberry jelly crystals.
OPTION 3: Arctic Fizzy Fox – replace Fanta with Lemonade, and orange jelly crystals with Lemonade jelly crystals.


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