Flossy’s Lava Lamp Champers

by Mel Alce

Add a sugary touch to your next drink of champers – and watch the chemical reaction!


Fairy Floss


Food colour – optional

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Place fairy floss into your drinking vessel of choice (glass, flute, bucket).

2014-09-18 14.33.40

Squeeze a few drops of your food colour of choice.

Pour champagne into the glass, slowly as the fairy floss will make it fizz more than normal.

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The Fizzy Fox

By Mel Alce


6 heaped tblsp icing mixture
¾ tsp bi-carb soda
85g pack of orange jelly crystals
½ tsp citric acid
½ tsp tartaric acid
1 shot Bacardi per cocktail (or your personal favourite clear spirit)

Fizzy Fox 1 ingredients


Place the Fanta in the fridge, or put it in a jug on ice.


Mix citric acid, tartaric acid & icing mixture until well combined.
Add jelly crystals and mix well.
Place the sherbet mix onto a plate (make sure the plate is bigger than rim of your cocktail glass).

Fizzy Fox 2 Sherbet

Put some cold water into a bowl (slightly bigger than the rim of your glass).
Dip the glass into the water and let the excess drip back into the bowl.

Fizzy Fox 3 water dip

Dip the wet rim of the cocktail glass into the sherbet.
Repeat the dipping process for all glasses.

Fizzy Fox 4 sherbet dip

Wipe any dripping water that may have escaped the ring of sherbet, with a clean cloth.
Pour one shot of Bacardi (or other spirit) into the glass.

Fizzy Fox 5 sherbet ring

Top up the glass with Fanta.

Fizzy Fox 6 enjoy

Sip & enjoy!

OPTION 1: For a virgin Fizzy Fox, you can just have straight Fanta, or mix it up with some lemonade or lemon squash.
OPTION 2: Red Fizzy Fox – replace Fanta with Creaming Soda, and orange jelly crystals with raspberry or strawberry jelly crystals.
OPTION 3: Arctic Fizzy Fox – replace Fanta with Lemonade, and orange jelly crystals with Lemonade jelly crystals.