Sydney Fox Rescue needs your help!

Over the course of the year of the 55FF we have always been watching the wonderful work of the Sydney Fox Rescue. Not only are foxes gorgeous, clever creatures but they capture the hearts of many followers, volunteers and the team at SFR.

Below is the text provided by the SFR with all relevant links.



Currently there is legislation pending to put forward a proposed Pest Control Order for Red Foxes in New South Wales.

If enacted the Pest Control Order will effectively force the closure of Sydney Fox Rescue. Keeping of foxes in captivity will become illegal. The families of foxes rescued in the past will now have to  apply for permits but no future permits will be issued for foxes found after the Order is enacted. Sydney Fox Rescue would no longer be able to rescue injured or orphaned foxes and no future foxes could legally be rehomed or kept in captivity in New South Wales. Which means the death of fox kits.

BUT you can help!

-Sign the Petition

-Send a written or typed letter to the Minister’s office expressing your concern.

-Call the Ministers Office on (02) 8574 6200

-Write a submission for the community consultation. This is particularly important if you are an organization who would like to loan your support to our cause. More information on how to submit a submission can be found in the linked PDF.

Donate to the ongoing costs of the kits at the SFR shelter. Donations can be made here:

Paypal email:

Bank: ANZ

Account name: Sydney Fox Rescue

BSB: 012 030

Account number: 267085525

You can our further information on what this means for our organization and what we believe a viable alternative to the proposed Pest Control Order here:

But if you have the time writing a snail-mail paper letter in support of Sydney Fox Rescue and an ongoing permit system for keeping foxes in captivity that would be amazing. You can use our draft letter from the petition site or write you own.

Tips for writing letters
-Keep your letter short by raising only one or two key issues.
-Ask a question on those issues that require a personal response.
-If you are emailing your letter, write it in a word program and attach it as a document to the email rather than place it in the body of the email. Many electorate offices do not reply to emails as they are often not considered official communications.
-Most politicians will evade a direct answer to your questions by telling you they have forwarded your letter another department. Make sure you ask them to respond to the questions as the relevant Minister for this issue.
-You are likely to get a wordy or evasive answer. Read it carefully. If it does not actually answer your question, write again pointing out politely that they have not answered the question. Repeat the question and ask for an answer. Repeat this process as often as necessary.

Letters can be mailed to:

The Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson, MP
GPO Box 5341