Foxy Pirate Mask

Talk like a Pirate Day is this Friday the 19th of September so I’ve whipped up this quick foxy mask with a pirate patch so you’re all ready to arrrr and shiver me timbers through any pirate shenanigans on Friday.

by Marni Franks


1 sheet of A4 felt in the fox colour you like – grey, orange etc

10cm x 20cm rectangle of white felt

10cm square of black felt

1cm strip x width of felt sheet

6mm elastic the length needed for whoever is going to wear the mask



Sewing machine and matching threads or hand sewing equipment


Print off the fox mask template here.

Cut out the shapes.

Pin the fox head to your orange felt sheet, fold the white felt in half and pin the ear tuft to it. Pin the eyepatch to the black felt square.




Cut all the shapes out carefully with sharp scissors.

Pin the ear tufts in place on the fox head and stitch in place with your preferred method of sewing. Trim any excess of the white or orange felt so that the ears are neat.

20140910_084950 20140916_015703

20140916_015946 20140916_020005

Pin the patch and strap in place and stitch along the edge of the strap and the top edge of the patch (so that you can flap up the patch).




Cut the elastic to length and stitch into place.


Wear mask and ARRRRRR the day away!


Felt Fox

By Marni Franks


A4 sheet of orange acrylic felt

Scraps of white and black acrylic felt

5 different ribbons, trim, ricrac (15cm each)

White, black, green, brown and orange thread

DMC embroidery thread black 310

Toy fill


Felt Fox (1).jpeg


Sewing machine with zipper foot



Sewing needle

Stuffing tool (plastic chopstick)

Optional: Fray stop or lighter

Finished size

17.5cm tall


Print out your pattern sheet onto your cardboard. Cut out each piece carefully.

Place the fox body onto the orange felt, pin and cut out one body piece.  Remove the pins and place the body piece down on the felt again, placing the tail piece as well. Juggle to fit the pieces BEFORE you cut them out.

Felt Fox (3).jpeg

Felt Fox (2).jpeg

  Felt Fox (4).jpeg

Place the face and tail tip piece on the white felt, pin and cut out.

Felt Fox (5).jpeg

Place the nose piece on the black felt, pin and then cut out.


Pin the face pieces to the body. Use the photograph as a guide for placement.

Felt Fox (6).jpeg


Pin your ribbons across the front body section. Thread up the machine with the matching thread colours and stitch them down. Trim the ribbons down to match the curve of the body. Run a small amount of fray stop along the edges of the ribbons or melt them with the lighter to stop continual fraying.

Felt Fox (7).jpeg

Felt Fox (8).jpeg

Felt Fox (9).jpeg

Back to the face pieces, adjust them if needed, thread up your sewing machine with the white thread and the zipper foot. Stitch slowly around the shape, starting and ending at the tip (the reverse stitches will be covered by the nose). Turn your work as needed to get even stitches around the curves.

Felt Fox (10).jpeg

Felt Fox (11).jpeg

Felt Fox (12).jpeg

Mark the eyes on the face pieces. Thread your sewing needle with two strands of black DMC thread and stitch a single line stitch, going over it two or three times. Tie off and trim the excess thread.

Felt Fox (19).jpeg

Pin the tail tip to the tail and stitch in the same manner, except leave the thread tails. Pull the threads to the back and tie in a reef knot to secure.

Felt Fox (16).jpeg

Thread the machine with the black thread and stitch the nose piece on, leaving the thread tails. Pull the threads to the back and tie in a reef knot to secure.

Felt Fox (13).jpeg

Felt Fox (14).jpeg

Felt Fox (15).jpeg

Thread the machine with the orange thread. Pin the completed tail piece onto the back body piece and stitch on, leaving the thread tails. Pull the threads to the back and tie in a reef knot to secure.

Felt Fox (17).jpeg

Felt Fox (20).jpeg

Pin the body pieces together right sides out. Starting at the bottom left hand curve of the fox stitch all the way around as close to the edge as you can, finishing at the same spot on the right hand side curve.

Felt Fox (22).jpeg

Stuff the fox firmly with toy fill, using the chopstick to push the stuffing into the ears and face tuffs. Pin the opening closed and stitch closed on the machine.

Felt Fox (23).jpeg

Felt Fox (24).jpeg

Felt Fox (25).jpeg

Your fox is ready!

Felt Fox (26).jpeg

NOTE: You can always hand sew this project if you don’t have a sewing machine or prefer handwork. Simply use DMC threads to stitch the pieces on.  :)