Sponsors & Advertising


To become a sponsor of the 55FF you have had to participated in the collaboration in some manner. Whether this is by donating a prize, providing us with crafting supplies or with products to review is totally up to you. Sponsorship is a cashless way to advertise with us. There is no money changing hands simply the supplying of goods for a purpose within the collaboration.

To become a sponsor or to discuss this process with us simply email info@55foxfiasco.com


To advertise with the 55FF is very simple –

Ads are limited to 6 businesses/bloggers/people per month. An ad will be a static one, located on the main blog page on the side and run for an entire month (midnight to midnight).

All ad submissions must be received no later than one week before the end of the previous month.

Ads are $35 for the month. Ads must be paid in full and up front. Discounts will apply for multiple bookings.

Single Month

Quarterly Booking 

The team at 55FF reserve the right to refuse to run an ad on the following terms –

1. Advertises inappropriate content (eg, drugs, underage drinking, smoking, anything sexual in nature, anything illegal).

2. The ad resolution is not of the sizes required for clear viewing.

3. The ad has not been paid for/defaulted on in any way including not submitted on time.

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