Foxy Cookies

When we started this collaboration project last year we wanted to bring you some exciting things from guest bloggers. We searched high and low for other creative types who had a passion for sharing their skills, loved foxes and wanted to have some fun. So from this blog in May until the end of the year we will have guest bloggers appearing here with something special for you all.

First up is Rhian from Flyawaypineapple…

Please make her welcome.



I’m so happy to be here visiting 55 Fox Fiasco!

My name is Rhian and I don’t sew. Not a button. Not a stitch. Please don’t mention knitting or crocheting. I’m certainly not an artist either, unless doodling while on the phone is considered art. Which it isn’t.

However, I can bake and decorate cookies. That’s what I do pretty much every day at Flyawaypineapple, and that’s what we’re doing today.

I will add that I do like foxes. I like them a lot. I like them so much that I almost caused a multi-car incident on one of those diabolical giant roundabouts in the UK when I spotted a fox and her pups appearing from the bushes on the side of the road and made a wild manoeuvre to get a better look. This is a true story and was probably captured on CCTV.

Anyway, in keeping with the foxy theme we’re making fox cookies.

You will need the following supplies:

Your favourite cookie dough

Fox cookie cutter (mine is from Copper Gifts and can be purchased online)

Baking sheets and parchment paper or silicon mats

Royal icing

Black, orange and white food colouring

Icing bags, #2 icing tips and couplers


Step 1

Roll out your cookie dough, cut out fox shapes and place them on baking sheets lined with parchment or silicon mats.

Picture 1

Chill for 20 minutes in the freezer and then bake in a preheated oven according to your recipe. Allow to cool completely on wire racks.

Step 2

Divide your royal icing into three separate bowls and add the colours. Add water to each bowl one teaspoon at a time and stir with a silicon spatula until you reach a medium thick consistency. A good way to calculate the correct consistency is to draw a butter knife through the icing and if the line “heals” to a smooth surface in 15 seconds, you’re good to go. Fill the icing bags fitted with couplers and tips.

Step 3

Now for the fun part! Outline your fox in black. Let the outline set for about 10 minutes (this acts as a dam).

Picture 2

Step 4

Starting with the head, fill the white areas and immediately pipe black dots into the wet icing, followed by white highlights. Then fill in the tip of the tail and blaze on the chest.

Picture 3

You can use a toothpick to push the icing into corners and to pop any air bubbles (work quickly though).

Allow about 10 minutes for the icing to set a little before moving on to filling in the orange sections. Fill the head section first and immediately pipe a dot of white on each ear. Quickly drag a toothpick through the white to give it some shape. Now fill the body with orange icing.

Picture 4

After the face has set for about an hour, pipe the nose with black icing.

Picture 5

Leave to dry for 8-12 hours (at least overnight, or longer if it’s humid).

And you’re done!

Picture 6


If you’d like to see more cookies, you can find me here: and here:


One thought on “Foxy Cookies

  1. You are an artist!! Your work is artistic and you my dear are extremely talented. Your cookies amaze me every time i see them and I KNOW they taste great too . Cant wait to try make some with you one day :)

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